Making a delicious pancakes with crepe maker

Thankfully this holiday season has brought me plenty of relaxing and reflection time. Most of these times were accompanied by anticipated pancake breakfasts. Yet some were accompanied by candlelight due to nature’s form of diamond chandeliers.

More thanks to having everything all powered just in time for the real festivities. Christmas went on as normal with lots of food and family (don’t worry I didn’t eat my family, although I may have been tempted to take a mental bite out of them at one point or another).

But let’s get back to those pancakes, shall we? There is no sense digging in to reflections and resolutions on an empty stomach, so let me introduce to you some Vanilla Orange Pancakes. But before we make these delicious pancakes, You need to have a good non stick pan so that the pancakes don’t stick on it. I prefer an electric crepe maker, that can be use to make both crepe and pancakes. You can learn more about electric crepe makers here

Orange is actually one of my least favourite flavours as it reminds me of being a kid and having my packed lunch sandwich slightly orange flavoured from being squished against my clementine. I hated it. When I smell clementines, I don’t think of Christmas. I think of gross lunch bag sandwiches. But enough about that because this orange flavoured meal was actually appetizing!

Vanilla Orange Pancakes

Ingredients: Instructions
•1 tbsp vanilla protein powder
•2 tbsp coconut flour
•1 tbsp vital wheat gluten
•1/2 cup canned pumpkin
•1/4 cup cold Blood Orange Pu’erh
•1/4 cup egg whites
•1/4 tsp baking powder
•1/4 tsp baking soda
•1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
•Capella Waffle Flavour drops

1)Mix all dry ingredients

2)Add pumpkin mix well

3)Add egg whites, mix. Add other liquids (except ACV) mix. 

4)Add apple cider vinegar and mix immediately before pouring onto frying pan.

Category Mark Comments Overall Grade


These pancakes cook up quick compared to recipes I have made in the past




The stats are approx: 170cal (20g carbs/3g fat/19g protein)


The orange tea adds a nice hint of flavour.



Very cake-y texture

General Comments:
Makes a 8 small pancakes

A general reflection of the past year leaves me in a satisfied state. There are definitely areas where I could improve (like relationships), yet there are other areas where I have made great accomplishments (like in my career).

I’m the type of girl who made resolutions even before resolution making was popular. Some call it dedication, yet I’m swayed to want to call it insecurity. For me I make goals/resolutions when I am not secure at the place I am and feel the need to achieve something to get to a better place.

Despite my negative interpretation of resolutions…I still make them. Continue reading “Making a delicious pancakes with crepe maker”